About Us

Astor Learning has been working with various schools in Hong Kong since 2010 to develop and refine online study tools to enhance learning outcome
We set up a classroom at the end of 2018 to offer in-house developed courses based on our accumulated experience. We seek to introduce exciting subject matters that students may not be able to encounter in normal school education, and we try to enable them to acquire key knowledge and skillsets ahead of their peers
Our ultimate goal is to help young people to develop an intrinsic love for learning, and discover their preferred education and career direction at a young age
Immersion • Interaction • Inspiration
Some in Hong Kong say that there is no "fun learning": If you are having fun, then you cannot be learning; and if you are learning, then do not expect to have fun
However, research in educational psychology suggests that properly designed learning environments and enhanced cognitive engagement are effective in improving learning outcome
We try to bring Fun and Effective learning to our students by means of Immersion, Interaction and Inspiration


We are the first learning centre in Hong Kong to offer an immersive audio-visual experience


We focus on interaction and personal engagement in all our program design (for example, learning English through role playing games, STEM knowledge through model assembly and robot design, Olympiad Math training through team competition, etc)


Via these means, we strive to inspire our students to become self-motivated learners and discover their own education and career paths at an early stage of their development